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The Powerhouse Mission

The Powerhouse Wrestling Club, established in 1989 as CB Panthers, is an organization dedicated to the betterment of wrestlers of all levels and the advancement and promotion of the sport of wrestling. Through it's organizational structure and communication the Powerhouse Wrestling Club will strive to foster the sportsmanship and integrity which are the foundation of athletic competition.

2019 Freestyle Registration

Click HERE  to register!!

When you register for FS/GR and/or Summer Folkstyle seasons you will notice that there is not a cost associated to your registrations.  The only cost associated to the registration would be if you have not paid a registration fee this 2018/19 season.  If you have not paid the registration fee you will have to pay this at the time of checkout.  If you have paid the registration fee this year but it is putting it in your cart then you may have to contact me.  Keep in mind that if you still have not paid in full for Regular Season it will want to charge you the $25 registration fee.  If you have paid in full and are still getting this in your shopping cart please contact me.  During the checkout make sure you keep going through all the steps until you see an invoice number or confirmation number.


Once you complete your registration, I will add you to the appropriate team/s.  After you are added to a team, I will apply a “contract” to your account for the cost of the season.  After the contract is applied to your account you will receive an emailing letting you know it has been applied.  At this time, you will have the following choices for payments.  Pay in full or a Payment plan.  If you choose to Pay in Full the price is discounted as shown.  If you choose a payment plan, I request that you put a Credit Card on file so that we can automatically bill you.  We have removed the 3% credi
t card transaction fee to encourage people to pay with a card.  This is much easier on us a Board.  You can still pay at the club if you choose the Pay in Full plan.  If you need to set up payments and want to pay at the club please contact me. 


Payment Plans:

You will receive an email (3) days prior to the due date.  If payments are not received within (5) days of the due date there is a $10 late fee added to your account.  If you have a card on file, the system will automatically withdraw the payment amount on the due date.  This is why I suggest you add a card on file.


Single Member Contracts – This contract will be split into (2) payments.  The payments are due on March 10th & April 10th. 

Multiple Member Contracts – This contract will be split into (3) payments.  The payments are due on March 10th, April 10th & May 10th.


Extended Payments – If you feel like you need additional payments please contact me.



Scholarships are available upon request.  Powerhouse Wrestling Club doesn’t want any wrestler to not participate due to financial reasons.  If you need assistance please contact me and we will work with you and your athlete.  Scholarships will be granted upon approval from the Board of Directors and Coach Massey. 


To register for Freestyle & Greco Roman or the Summer Folkstyle Season Click Here!!!

If you have any further questions, please contact Matt Fletcher at (402)-960-6840.

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