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usa wrestling membership

All of our athletes must have a valid USA Wrestling Membership.  If you are only particiapating in Preseason and Regular Season Folkstyle, then you only need the "Limited Folkstyle Athlete Membership".  If you are going to particiapate in our Freestyle & Greco Roman Season then you will need the "Full Athlete Membership"

Step #1: Go to USA Wrestling Membership

Step #2: Sign into your account, or if you don't have one "Create a Free Account"

     - If you need assitance on how to create an Account please CLICK HERE to watch a YouTube Video

     - If you need assistance on how to create a "Profile" please CLICK HERE to watch a YouTube Video

Step #3: Purchase or Renew your membership if it is Expired.  

     - Limited Folkstyle Athlete Membership - Those only participating in Folkstyle Seasons (Preseason & Regular Season)

    - Full Athlete Membership - Those Participating in our Freestyle and Greco Roman Season

Step #4: Write down your membership number, as you will need this to Register for any of our Seasons.

how to register for any of our seasons or camps

All of our athletes must register for any season or camps through our "Members Portal"  We no longer accept "Paper" Registrations.


When creating an account, keep in mind that the information used to create the account should be a garudian of any member under the age of 18.  Also the infomation profided will be used in the case of an emergency and for all future announcement from the club.  Please make sure to provide accurate information for these reasons.  Thank you.

Step #1: Go to the Powerhouse Wrestling Club Members Portal

Step #2: Click on the "Register" tab in the top Right Corner

Step #3: Enter your personal information (Must be a gaurdian if under the age of 18) then Click NEXT

Step #4: Enter your contact infomation - Make sure you check the "Would Like to Receive Emails"  box to get the latest Club Information

Step #5: After Click Next, Enter a username you will remember and enter a password - Then Click Register


Once you have an account created please log into your account.  The steps below will walk you though how to add your athletes to your account.

Step #1: Log in

Step #2: Click on "My Account" at the top of the page

Step #3: Click on "Account Infomation" on the left of the page

Step #4: Under "Family Member" click on "+ Add Family Member"

Step #5: Add all of your Athletes one at a time.  

Once you have this done you will be able to Register for any or our Season or Camps


Here are some steps on how to registers.

Step #1: Go to the Powerhouse Wrestling Club Members Portal and Log In

Step #2: Click on Registrations at the top

Step #3: Here you will see ALL active registrations.  Click on the Season or Camp you want to Register for

Step #4: Select the Group and Payment option that you want to register for

     - We have several groups and payment options.  If you have questions on which one please Contact Matt Fletcher

     - Matt Fletcher (402) 960-6840 cell or 

Step #5: Select the Participant your are registering, Enter is USAW # (Required), Fill in all other information that is required or optional

Step #6: Click "Add to Cart"

Step #7: If you have more than one Athlete to register click "Continue Shopping" and repeat Steps 5 & 6

Step #8: When you have registered all your Athletes click "View Shopping Cart"

Step #9: Review the shopping cart and then click "Checkout" at the bottom

Step #10: Follow the steps to complete Address, Payment, Confirm, and Complete

You should see an order number appear once the registration is complete.  You will also recieve an email with your receipt and any information that pertains to the Season or Camp.


Please contact Matt Fletcher for any additional information.

(402) 960-6840 cell